Our Services

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Motion Control Rentals

Motion control can be complex and technical, which is why we offer not only our equipment but our years of expertise conducting motion control shoots. Our team will be available to work hand-in-hand with your production, making sure to provide you with whatever technical and creative support you need from pre-production to post.

3D Software Programming

Motion control goes hand-in-hand with visual effects. If you’ve pre-visualized your moves in a 3D software package such as Maya, Cinema 4D, or any other industry-standard platform, we can also work with your team to determine how to layout the set on shoot day and plan your shot list. We can provide your VFX team with pre-rigged models of our robots to ensure that everything’s in place for your shot before you’ve even set foot on set.

Special Effects Rigging

Our effects team has years of experience making the impossible possible. From simple builds with turntables, catapults, and dropping devices to complex, customized rigs, we’ve got you completely covered. In our in-house fabrication lab, we’ll build you whatever you need to make your fantasy shot a reality.

Project Consulting

Any project involving motion control begins with designing a solid plan, and at The Garage Motion Control, we’re here to help you do just that. Beyond meeting your rental needs, we’ll also consult with you to help you choose the exact equipment and workflow you’ll need to get the shots you want, taking into consideration your budget, time, and any other logistical matters to ensure your shoot is a success.

Delivery, Load In and Load Out

Our robots love to travel. We have a team of experienced, dedicated professionals who specialize in transporting our equipment all over NYC. When you work with us, we’ll make sure to have everything set up on time and camera-ready at the beginning of the shoot, and packed up and ready to roll out promptly at wrap.

Robot Operators

At The Garage Motion Control, our roster features top-talent robot operators with specialized expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, including stop-frame animation, 3D animation, multi-robot coordination, high speed, and other special effects work. The operator is key to the success of any motion control project, so we’ll be sure to pair you up with the ideal person to meet your needs.