Motion Control and Studio Rentals in NYC

We’ve been using cinebots to capture stunning visuals for years, and now you can bring our equipment and expertise to your next project. We offer the largest inventory and widest range of motion control equipment and high-speed robotics in New York City, not to mention our world-class operators and special effects rigging department. At The Garage, we’re ready to offer you customized solutions for even your wildest concepts.


Our state-of-the-art stages in Industry City, Brooklyn give artists the space and tools they need to shoot their most innovative work. With our fully-stocked commercial kitchen, top-of-the-line rigging workshop, and deluxe client rooms, our studio will provide everything your shoot needs, no matter the size or scope.


Operating motion control robots requires an experienced and knowledgeable team, and at The Garage Motion Control, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with our talented team of problem solvers and technicians. With our years of hands-on visual engineering and motion control experience, we’re looking forward to helping you create the exact movements and shots you’re looking for.