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How much does it cost?

You may think that The Garage Motion Control is just a robots rentals shop. However, we take pride in providing an all-round excellent service. We understand that you come to us to get the perfect shot, so our systems are priced based on how much time and labor is required to get the desired results. Naturally, the larger rigs require more time and energy to move around and set up, which is why they cost more than the smaller systems.

Are there any special requirements?

Some of our systems do require three-phase power (commonly found in larger studios), and some of them run on standard 120v “wall power”. Specifics can be found on each rig’s page on the Equipment page. Our larger systems require some additional considerations when moving the rigs into a studio. Door and elevator heights and widths are important, as is the type of flooring, and stairs and ramps.

How big are the robots?

Our biggest rig is the Milo, followed by the Bolt X, the Bolt, and the Bolt Jr +. You can see the specific dimensions of all of the robots on their respective pages on the Equipment page.

Which robot is right for my shoot?

Generally speaking, there are two determining factors that come into determining which rig will be the best choice for your shoot – speed and precision. If you’re shooting intricate macro tabletop work, then the best choice would be the Milo, which offers the highest precision. If you’re working with a Phantom and looking to chase a splash or perform high-speed dynamic moves, then one of the Bolts would be the better choice. We’ll go over these details when we chat about your job to make sure that we’re using the best possible rig to get the results you expect.