Creative Rigging Solutions

At The Garage MoCo, we go beyond just offering motion control services. We have an experienced rigging team and a fully-equipped workshop, capable of providing a wide array of customized special effects solutions tailored to your needs. When you have a challenging shot, such as rigging a phone to a camera or flinging spaghetti across the room with consistency, we’ve got you covered!

This rig allowed us to drop the meatballs with precision and repeatability, holding focus as they dropped into the sauce. 
A rig attaching the product to the camera for a fun visual effect. 
Our in-house rigging team combines years of experience and technical know-how to deliver innovative rigging solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible. We specialize in tackling complex shots and transforming your creative vision into reality.

Reach out to us with your idea, and we’d be delighted to chat about how we can make it work.

Lots of practical SFX Rigging made this fun spot come to life. 
We were able to capture the look of a sound wave using speakers to control the vibration of the bottle as the liquid poured out.

We’re eager to collaborate on helping you achieve the impossible!