Most Precise Robot with Long Reach

Milo – Synonymous with Motion Control

Used more than any other motion control rig in the world, the Milo’s versatility, portability and high accuracy makes it the ideal choice for live-action shooting, animation or macro tabletop work. The Milo has a credit list of over 200 feature films and counting.

Max Lens Height

13.12 FT / 4.0 M

Min Lens Height

2.62 ft / 0.8 M


9.84 FT / 3 M

Set Up Time

1 Hr


Milo Robotic Motion Control Rig Dimensions and Specs
Operating Envelope
Maximum Height13.12 ft4.0 m
Lowest position-2.62 ft-0.8m
Maximum lift range of travel15.88 ft4.84 m
Maximum reach (from rotate centre)10.49 ft3.20 m
Maximum reach (from turret edge)8.69 ft2.65 m
Rig Dimensions
4.5 ft (w) x 7 ft (l) x 6 ft (h)1.38 m x 2.14 m x 1.83 m
Track Pallet10 ft x 3.2 ft3.1 m x 0.98 m
Accessory Kit3 ft x 4 ft0.92 m x 1.22 m
Workstation3 ft x 4 ft0.92 m x 1.22 m
Rig Performance
Axis nameRange of travelMaximum Speeds
TrackAs required in 9.84 ft / 3 m lengths6.56 ftps / 2.0 mps
Lift+/- 43°25°/s
Arm Extend2.98 ft / 0.91 m1.24 fps / 0.38 mps
Outer Arm212°39°/s
1m vertical move2.5 sec.
1m horizontal move2.5 sec.
180° horizontal arc1.0m radius in 4 sec.
Rig Weights
Total weight of Milo1521.19 lb690 kg
Each 3m track213.84 lb97 kg
Flair Magliner PC desk176.37 lb80 kg
Note: Milo Can be disassembled for portability or freighting purposesAsk for details
Power Connection
Power requirements2 x single phase (13A) 110-240 Volts, Frequency 50-60 Hz
Generator10 KVA