Bolt X on Track

Longest Reach with Extreme Speed

The Biggest and Fastest High-Speed Camera Robot Just Got Even Faster

For increased range and breath-taking camera speeds, Bolt X has been given a track axis to take high-speed cinematography to the next level. With a 3.1m arm reach, Bolt X gives a much larger operating envelope, giving operators greater freedom for creativity. Extremely useful for shooting live-action subjects, the Bolt X is perfect for music videos, commercials, film & TV.

Set Up Time

1.5 Hours

Max Height

13.5 FT / 4.18 M

Speed At Camera

31.8 FtPs / 9.7 MPS


44 lb / 20 KG


Bolt X on Track Dimensions
Operating Envelope
Maximum Height13.5 f4.1 m
Lowest position-3.9 f-1.2 m
Maximum reach (from rotate centre)10.2 f3.1 m
Rig Dimensions
 Bolt X on Track
4.5 ft (w) x 7 ft (l) x 6 ft (h)1.38 m x 2.14 m x 1.83 m
Track Pallet10 ft x 3.2 ft3.1 m x 0.98 m
Accessory Kit3 ft x 4 ft0.92 m x 1.22 m
Workstation3 ft x 4 ft0.92 m x 1.22 m
Rig Performance
AxisRange of TravelMaximum Speeds
TrackAs required13.1 ftps / 4.0 mps
Rotate+/- 179º180 degrees per second
Lift+179º to -32º180 degrees per second
Arm+235º to -77º180 degrees per second
Pan+/- 189º335 degrees per second
Tilt– 34º +215º360 degrees per second
RollInfinite670 degrees per second
1m vertical moveHalf a second
1m horizontal moveHalf a second
Complete 180 degree arc with a 75cm radius1 second
Complete 180 degree arc with a 45cm radius0.75 second
Largest complete 180º arc radius4.6 f • 1.4 m (2 seconds)
Bolt Robot arm1234.59560
Track base1080.27490
Rails (3m each)213.8597
Removable wheel units (2)136.6962
DX200 power supply500.45227
Track weight plates (2 per rail)440.93200 (each)
Flair magliner desk19488
Maximum camera payload4420
While the Bolt can be used with counter weights for some shots, if you are looking to achieve the highest speeds with the smoothest possible results the optimum mounting for the rig is to fix it to the floor. Our studio has been configured as such.
Power requirements2 x 32a | 3 Phase | 415v